20,000 Jobs for $300.000.000.00… WOW!

Coming on the heels of a mind-boggling call and the haphazard execution of A State Of Emergency, framed by Curfew hours that virtually threatened the mental climate of our space, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar announces a stupendous plan, agreed to by her Government: “… intent to engage our youth and the most vulnerable members of our community in a massive job-creation programme entitled ‘Reclaiming our Youth; Embracing our Future.”‘ Our communities are quite vulnerable, indeed, and more so gullible. And, what, with the massive appetites of Parang, Christmas and Carnival around the corner! For some it is a piece of cake and ham and rum, but a perpetual hell for others. The raw meat of this news will only temporarily offer a balm. The thirst of the Beast that is our frenzy will not be easily quenched!

THAT APPROACH cannot be seriously considered NEW! And if by some uncanny stretch of the imagination one believes it to be a Gift, see it for what it is, well wrapped or masked in “Colour Me Orange”… We need to ask ourselves, what is the covert intent? Our charming PM and her headstrong team must come to terms with the profoundly complex maze in which our Country is wrought. The Wrath that appends it cannot be averted by political expediency with its penchant for impudently prettying-up bandages on sores that are encouraged to be life-ones, while knuckling chips to its proffered ends, soloed to power’s profit! Eye must warn you: The wrong mustaches are too close to your ears… Watch for their padded fangs!

Your Heart should be alerted to what has evolved to become the permanent CRIES of our Space. You, Honourable Lady, cannot afford to make jokes about the jokes others have made. This laughter is a grinning, festered wound that is widening beyond appropriated shut-downs, curfews and gift-giving gimmicks! Really, those ready-to-taste statistics that are tailored to cajole, are frowned at, in disgust, by the ones who are in the fire. The Country by large and without exception should be encouraged to foster meaningful arbitration based on the aphorism: Do unto others that which you will have them do unto you. That, we will agree is not an easy task, but, if only we, all of us, were willing to make sacrifices, free of selfish gain, serving the ultimate good!

Underestimated by most of us is the need to confront these miasmas that plague our efforts at settling a critical Eye on what it really takes to build communities and transport them to the lofty ideas of a Nation and a Voice, identical to it. Ours has been a Dream deferred too long by an insane desire to malign others, often punishing the best of us, breaking the will of some into servitude, open, not toward affirmation, but to favouritism and a prideless existence.

How much longer will the charade last, that its players could syphon off our blood to zones that are safer than our “Hot Spots” -the new term for our labelled ethnic, social and morally disadvantaged! What will it take to deconstruct the social and psychological malaise that is the imminent “shut down” beyond recall! Honourable Lady, no amount of pixellated make-up, at forbidden costs to you, your government and the Country, can hide the frustration you feel deep inside, among your smiling generals with the weight of their wait on their faces!

Our sense of governing our Country has a history of pretentiousness, fully voluptuous in faux pas… Drenched in mamaguy, we are legendary and unrestrained in treachery that has made of our natural wealth and our blessed resources a fool’s paradise. We shun the light of our prodigies, mocking them sordid, into lethargy and its call to death! Who will rechart the ruined road to our Soul… Who will make duty palpable to our minds and hands… Who will piece our Dream together in it’s beginning… Now, when the tides come… Pray, not Tsunami style!

LeRoy Clarke

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