A Social Entrepreneurship class at IIT Stuart Business School leads to a business plan for Ngora Okoboi Primary School

Part of Shashamane Sunrise’s mission is to facilitate the creation of healthy learning environments in the schools it supports. One of the ways to achieve is this through the development of sustainable social enterprises. The pilot project is Ngora-Okoboi Primary School in Uganda.


During the first semester of 2012, a group of MBA students at IIT Stuart Business School with the help of Prof. Ashton, worked with Shashamane Sunrise to develop a business plan to support a sustainable income generating project at Ngora Okoboi Primary School that would support the community and enable them to be more self sufficient and, therefore, better able to help the support the pupils.

The business plan is centered around the idea that Shashamane Sunrise will serve as a social enterprise catalyst and incubator. Our role will be to provoke innovation in the community and encourage idea generation. Once the idea is generated, our role will be to help shepherd it. The students broke the plan up into 7stages:

  1. Idea generation
  2. Analyze and prioritize ideas
  3. Prime the market
  4. Gather resources
  5. Project execution
  6. Tracking success
  7. Adapt and adjust

We are excited about the role we could play as idea catalysts and as we start the process of working with the community to apply the business plan we will continue to keep you updated. The community of Ngora Okoboi Primary school has come up with the idea of setting up a piggery to generate income.

We thank Prof. Ashton and the students at the IIT Stuart Business School, who so generously gave of their time and resources to come up with such a strong business plan.

Gloria Omaswa,

Shash Uganda Chair

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