Shashamane Sunrise is an international volunteer organization that supports children’s education in the developing world. Shashamane Sunrise is a 501(c)(3) registered charity in the United States and is eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions.Shashamane Sunrise believes that the academic success of students is often a collective effort. It is usually achieved with cooperation from students, teachers, parents, communities and philanthropic groups like ours.

Motivation: “A Pencil Can Go A Long Way……Gramps Morgan, Morgan Heritage


During their first visit to Shashamane, Ethiopia in 2005, Shashamane’s founders’ met a 12 year old boy named Sam. Sam made an unusual request. He asked if he could have a pen or a pencil. This request was very different from those of kids they had met in the streets of Addis Ababa. They endeavored to learn more. It turned out that Sam was a student at the JRDC School in Shashamane. The school is an NGO whose operating expenses were funded by contributions from individual and philanthropic organizations around the world. There were two main lessons:
Students like Sam knew the “life cycle of a pencil”, from the time of first sharpen until it gets to the eraser. The pen or pencil was symbolic of the schools supplies of tools they needed to achieve a better life and they placed great value in them.
The founders also found out that small contributions from a collective can make a significant impact in the lives of these young people.
On their return to the US Shashamane founders immediately went to work raising school and classroom supplies for the students at the JRDC. Shashamane currently sponsors twelve schools in six countries, supporting some 4100 students.

In each of the schools in each of the countries that Shashamane has a sponsored school, we find some highly motivated students who genuinely believe that success in education is their best chance to improve their lives.

Some Facts

Shashamane currently supports students and schools in six countries, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda in Africa and Haiti, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean. Five of the six countries where Shashamane does work are in the bottom half of ranking of countries by literacy rates1. Ethiopia has a literacy rate of 37% and the lowest school enrollment in the world2.
The school dropout rates for Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia are 38%, 38% and 10% respectively. These rates are even higher in rural areas3,4.
Dropout rates are even higher for young girls.
Factors affecting school dropout include: pregnancy, early marriages, distance to schools, availability of school meals rising tuition fees1,4.

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