What We Do

Through our program services and annual school visits, the Shashamane Sunrise and its volunteers directly impact the lives of the children they serve and can verify that donor funds are allocated appropriately to the supported capital projects.


Shashamane support for the schools includes but is not limited:

  1. Sponsorship of students to cover tuition, fees, books, and other school supplies.
  2. Sponsorship of the School Lunch Program to provide free nutritious meals to students.
  3. Funding school activities including teacher training, teacher salaries, equipment purchases and school capital improvement.
  4. Mentorship and motivational workshops and projects.

Our Mission

Shashamane Sunrise’s mission is to help create healthy learning environments where children have access to the educational resources and mentorship they need to achieve their academic goals. We also promote volunteer work in the developing world.

Our vision is for a world where children are not limited by access to educational opportunities and are enabled to achieve their full potential.


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