December Newsletter

As the year draws to an end before we, the staff and volunteers of Shashamane Sunrise, turn our sights towards to future we reflect on the past. We think of all the children in Haiti, Kenya, Trinidad, Ethiopia, Uganda and Jamaica who are without basic educational infrastructure to realise their dreams and aspirations or those worse off who do not dream of a proper education. We think too of all the children who have pencils, roofs, schools and teachers because of you.

Here are some of the many things we’ve accomplished together:

  • We were able to raise $10,000 to aid in the reconstruction of our Ugandan school. Thus far we have completed the reconstruction of four of six classes.
  • We funded and constructed new sanitation facilities for JDRC’s kindergarten.
  • We held a Shashamane Summer Camp with a 100+ standard five students from rural areas across the country.
  • Launched a bimonthly Shashamane School Tour campaign where staff, volunteers and ambassadors present a plethora of workshops including but not limited to science, art/music and sport. Additionally, motivational sessions are included in school tours to inspire young students to have dreams for a better education.
  • We provided school supplies and ran motivational workshops for the students of Green Island Primary School and the Windsor Forest Primary School in Jamaica.

The on-going projects include our efforts to:

  • Support the school lunch program at Green Island Jamaica which ensures that underprivileged students are fed nutritious meals while on campus.
  • Construct security fence and divide JDRC’s kindergarten premises from that of the elementary school as has been required by law to protect students.
  • Equip the Fishing Pond Primary School in Trinidad with ICT facilities to allow networking of the school and community education programs.
  • Construction of a six-classroom building for the students of Marion Primary School in Haiti.
  • Provide classroom supplies and science equipment to students at the Senator Obama Secondary School and the Mutumbu Girls Secondary School in Kenya.
When we finally set our sights on the upcoming year we know that with your help we can accomplish much more. We sincerely hope that during this holiday season you tell your friends and family about Shashamane and ask that they too help in educating our future.
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