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This project will help 200 children in rural Haiti access primary education and gain the literacy and numeracy they need to have a chance at success.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

The over 200 students (aged 4-17) at the Marion Primary School in Corail, Grand’Anse, Haiti take their classes in in a one arooma schoolhouse with one wall, a plastic sheet for a roof, no real chalkboards and inadequate desks and chairs. They have no running water and inadequate bathroom facilities. The six grades are crowded into the small space with little separation, leaving classes distracted by sun, rain and each other.

How will this project solve this problem?

Following our site visit in Oct 2015, the Shashamane Team observed that the school roof and flooring was in dangerous shape. We committed to raise the funds to repair the items that posed an immediate danger to the students by the next school semester. That work has just begun. After the emergency repairs are complete we would like to accomplish our overall goal of rebuilding the school so that it presents a safe learning environment for the students.

Potential Long Term Impact

The project will help to increase literacy, numeracy and sanitation in the community. This will give farmers better access to the advice they need to improve their yields and get a fair price for their produce.

Project Message

“You said that success in life is about small steps. Do not give up on us because we are poor. You can help us to take the small steps”
– Jean, Sixth grade student, Marion School, Corail, Haiti

Funding Information

Total Funding Received to Date: $6,000
Remaining Goal to be Funded: $54,000
Total Funding Goal: $60,000

Additional Documentation

This project has provided additional documentation in a PDF file. ShashHTI_Grant_Proposal_DigicelFoundationHTI

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