Happy New Year from Shashamane Sunrise

A very happy New Year to all our supporters and their families from the board, volunteers and student beneficiaries at Shashamane Sunrise.

As we begin this New Year, we reflect on 2010, which was a year of achievement for Shashamane Sunrise and its supporters. We expanded our efforts where we now reach some 2800 students and that number is set to grow in 2011 when we start working with new schools in Haiti and Jamaica.With your support Shashamane was able to accomplish the following during the 2009-2010 Academic Year:

  • Throughout the year we donated clothing, school supplies, classroom supplies, computer and sporting equipment to the Shashamane sponsored schools.
  • In March, we funded the completion of a reading resource room/library at the Windsor Forest Primary School, Portland, Jamaica. The library now stands as important resource not just for the students but for the community.
  • In April, we funded the installation of a new energy-efficient wood-burning stove to support the school lunch program at the Mutumbu Girls Secondary School in Mutumbu, Kenya. The stove will reduce the fuel/operating budget of the school and reduce the environmental impact from pollutions.
  • In May, in the area of curriculum support and development we funded a fishing pond and two grow boxes at Salybia School to help with their agriculture and aquaculture programs. These are very important programs for the development of these rural communities, both for employment and for their economies.
  • In June, we organized a school visit by Standard IV students from Carapo Primary, Fishing Pond Primary, Salybia Primary to dinosaur exhibit “A T. Rex Named Sue” in Port of Spain, Trinidad.
  • In August, we held a 1-week vacation camp in Trinidad where some 70 students from 5 local primary schools were invited to the campus of UTT and they were exposed to careers in Science, Sports and the Arts. The camp received support from national leaders in these fields, including Claudia Pegus, Meiling, Wendy Fitzwilliam, Che Lovelace, Sonja Dumas, Larry Gomes, Imran Jan, Tony Gray, Mervyn Dillon, James O’Connor, Raul Perez and several corporate sponsors. The major goals were to motivate the students to dream big dreams and to provide role models for their path to similar success.
  • In September, in preparation for the start of the schools year, Shashamane Sunrise sponsored volunteer led renovation and landscaping projects at the JRDC school in Shashamane, Ethiopia.
  • In November, during our first visit to Haiti, we distributed over 500 hand sanitizers to staff and students an important tool in the fight against the cholera epidemic that the country experienced.

The summer also saw the launch of our first Annual Dinner Dance and Boat Ride. Both events served as opportunities for our supporters to learn more about our work and to interact on a social level. Our organization also held several fundraising and publicity events including our After-Work Drinks in NY, an auction and a benefit concert featuring international dub poet Mutabaruka, Ziggy Rankin, Mohammed Muwakil and others.

In 2010, many individuals supported our mission and 100% of donated funds went directly to our program services. Our administrative costs were only 13% of our annual budget and they were covered entirely by the board members and a small group of sponsors dedicated to the mission. Our model continues to prove that small donation from a collective can make a huge impact in the lives of our young people. The average cost of our programs per student was USD$15. December saw the launch of our fundraising campaign for the renovation of the Ngora Okoboi Primary School, Uganda. We partnered with international charity Global Giving to raise some $5000 dollars to date. Our goal for this year is to raise the $7500 needed to rebuild the falling roof which is a danger to the children.

A special thank you to all our volunteers who play a crucial role in delivering our programs and service visits, your help makes our work possible.

From everyone at Shashamane Sunrise, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2011.

Dr Rene Williamson, PhD 

On behalf of 

Shashamane Sunrise Board

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