January 2013 Newsletter

The New Year brings the start of a new semester for the children we serve around the world. We start the New Year with renewed vigor and the knowledge that through our efforts we are changing lives, one student at a time. Looking back at our accomplishments over the last year we see that our mantra that small contributions can have a big impact remains true.


We started the year with our Service Tours to Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. It was a condensed version of our summer service tour but during the trip we visited four schools with a total student population of around 1500. We conducted some group workshops/talks with the students and donated school and classroom supplies and clothing and hygiene products to the schools and students.


At each stop we were entertained by our hosts with performances and songs from the student body and the community. We were also able to observe some of the capital projects that we had completed during the previous year. These included:

Construction of the KG sanitation facilities at the JRDC in Ethiopia

New roof and renovations to main classroom block at Okoboi Primary School in Uganda

New energy saving furnace at Mutumbu Girls School in Kenya


Our thanks to the teachers and students and community members who made our trip very welcoming.


At the end of January Shash T&T Volunteers and our Ambassadors Olympian George Bovell and Miss T&T World Lee Ann Forbes, accompanied by the team from British Gas Science Bus visited students at the Salybia Gov’t Primary School where we ran workshops in Sports, Arts and Science. Students were also given school supplies donated by Guardian Insurance Ltd, RIK Bookstore and Kenny’s Sports World. At the end of the visit George also shared with students some of his experiences as an Olympic swimmer as he prepared to the Olympics in London later in the year.


In late March in our Shash College Tour we travelled to the colleges in the United States, including Yale, Columbia & NYU, to recruit students for our Shash Intern & Shash Principal Programs with Shash Ambassadors Miss Universe 1998 Wendy Fitzwilliam, Musician Junior Kelly and Jazz Artiste Wayna Wondwossen. If you know a students who would like to spend a summer at one of our schools e-mail: shashamanesunrise@gmail.com. Would you like Shash to make a presentation to your college or company? Please send us an e-mail for details.



In August, the students of the GIP School in Hanover, Jamaica received back packs with school supplies and snacks courtesy of Ms Rose Hill a volunteer from the community who lives in Florida. Rose through her own efforts solicited items from her friends and family and donated same to students a special Back to School Event at the School. Rose’s efforts demonstrates the kind of initiative that each of us can take to contribute in whatever way we can.


Also in August, volunteers from the Shashamane Foundation in Washington DC supervised the construction of the safety fence that separates the Kindergarten and the Elementary School at the JRDC to comply with the Department of Education regulations.


In examination results published at the beginning of September, our hearts were warmed to learn that the Grade 8 students received 100% passes in the National Exams for the 5th year in a row. One student even scored 99.6% in the exam, among the highest percentile in the entire country of Ethiopia (population 80 million).


To round the year out we learned in December that Shashamane Sunrise has been selected as one of four charities to take part in the January Education Appeal of global donor marketplace Global Giving UK. The appeal highlights our effort at Okoboi Primary School in Ngora, Uganda to help reconstruct the school’s dilapidated roof and buildings. For more information see our Project Page, website or our Facebook Page.

January is back to school time for many of the children that we support. It is usually a time of great excitement for students as they are keen to share stories of the schools holidays, vacation activities with their families and the gifts and presents they received. For students who live in the rural and inner city communities we serve it can be a time of great anxiety and they struggle to find the necessary school and classroom supplies to start the school term. You can help. Give us two minutes of your time.


Help us promote the Back to School Appeal:

Like us on Facebook, Twitter and refer a friend or colleague

Make a donation

Host a Back to School Fundraiser


During the campaign, everyone who makes a donation of USD$25 or more will receive a Shash Tee.



Additionally, if you host your own Shashamane Sunrise Fundraiser, one lucky person will be eligible to receive a roundtrip ticket to one of our Shash Tours during the year. For more information e-mail: shashamanesunrise@gmail.com. The current schedule for the Shash Service Tours is:


• ShashT&T: 23-30 Jun

• ShashJAM: 1-7 Jul

• ShashUGX: 18-24 Aug

• ShashKEN: 25-31 Aug

• ShashETH: 1-14 Sep

• ShashHTI: 27 Nov – 1


Spaces for the Shash Service Tours can be booked through our website.

Deposits are due by March 2013 but spaces are limited so reserve your spots early. It is a travel and volunteering experience like no other.


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