Shash Ethiopia – Repair KG Fence & Purchase Office Equipment


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The JRDC school is Shashamane Ethiopia is a beacon for what it possible. Started by the immigrant community the school has achieved exceptional standards in graduation rates and test scores. Our project for the coming year is to help with the construction of sanitation facilities for the KG students and a security fence to separate the KG and Elementary school buildings so that the school complies with the new Education Department laws of children safety.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

New regulations by the Department of Education in Shashamane requires that KG students be physical separated from Elementary School students to prevent bullying etc. The JRDC school has been given a finite time to comply with these new regulations. The school however does not have the funds to achieve this. It operates larges through donations from individuals are philanthropic organizations . Shashamane Sunrise is seeking to help with this effort.

How will this project solve this problem?

Our first priority will be to repair a wooden fence separating KG students from the older students. This is a high priority safety issue. We also providing ongoing material support to the school in the form of books and office equipment (printer, scanner, fax machine & toner).

Potential Long Term Impact

The school now enrolls some 400+ students with student numbers rising steadily from the 300+ students that attended the school when we first started working with them in 2005. The JRDC has quickly become the school of choice in the southern region due to the high graduation rates and high test scores. It was what inspired our organization to develop this model in other countries. We have seen the impact of small donations in these poor rural communities. It is huge!

Project Message

We are confident that this partnership can only bear fruits of accomplishment for the next generation of Ethiopians.
– Sis Lorna Curtis, Executive Director, JRDC School

Funding Information

Total Funding Received to Date:
Remaining Goal to be Funded: $2,200
Total Funding Goal: $2,200

Additional Documentation

This project has provided additional documentation in a Microsoft Excel file (ShashETH_JRDC_CapitalProjects_2016).

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2 Responses to Shash Ethiopia – Repair KG Fence & Purchase Office Equipment

  1. I am operating with a non profit company in the UK that will be visiting Ethiopia in May to attend the Exhibition of RasTafari The Majesty & The Movement at the National museum. The Uk committee would like to bring charitable donations and need the names of charities with list of what is expected by them? For shipping cargo over also to try and get excess luggage fees waived or at a reduced rate…

  2. Never expected that to be a public message new to these things, soo wonderful project proves that the immigrant community of Rastafarians can in fact support their host community while sustaining their own… The UK Rastafarians are awakening to the need for support and will respond with the help of Our Father +

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