JRDC School Annual Report 2012

First we must give thanks to Gad for his loving kindness in allowing us to complete another successful year at the JRDC Kindergarten and Elementary school. The year had its challenges some small and some large however, we overcame them as they presented themselves through the grace of Jah.

We had over 500 hundred students registered with 125 of them in Kindergarten.  We did experience some overcrowding in many of our classrooms due to the overwhelming demand to attend our school.



The JRDC School is rated among the top three schools in the Shashemene area and because of our international affiliation we are in demand. It is important that we the Rastafarians continue our efforts to keep the school running, as it represents our collective effort in making a meaningful contribution to the development of the Shashemene area in educating the next generation.



Achievements for the Academic Year: 

  • 125 kindergarten students graduated with 90% of them continuing on to our Elementary School.
  • 38 grade eight students graduated with very impressive results in the National exams.  Our students did exceptionally well with seven students earning 99% and 18 students earning between 90% and 98%.  The lowest score was 87%.
  • All other grades maintained very high standard for the academic year.
  • In the Regional Football competition our Girls Football Team received second place.
  • The School received donation of laptops and desk tops which enabled us to add computer training to our curriculum.
  • With donations from Shashamane Sunrise, one of our donors, we built 2 proper flush toilet and hand washing sinks for the KG Students. The team also donated school and classroom supplies during their annual Service Tour in January and they ran some sports workshops and career talks.
  • Creative media from England sent funds which assisted with repairs and fixing the ceilings of some classrooms.
  • We repaired and added several benches and desks for the students.
  • Summer 2012 with donations from Motherland Promotions we built a fence to separate the KG from the Elementary school as required by the Education Department. We also repaired the front fence of the school.


We must give a special thanks to Shashamane Settlement Community Development Foundation in the Washington D.C. for their continued relentless effort in funding the operational expenses for the School for the past 12 years. We encourage all interested parties to support their efforts by making regular contribution to this organization so they may continue this noble feat.

Lorna Curtis
JRDC Board

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