We are asking for the submission of video messages is in support of our Back to School Campaign with GGUK which runs until the end of September. Shashamane was selected as one of four charities that focus on education to highlight on the website and among the supporters of Global Giving UK, the international donor market place. Our selection recognizes the impact of our work in Uganda at the Okoboi Primary School where 503 students go to school are taking their lessons outdoor to avoid injury from the falling roof tiles. We have made good progress in repairing the roof but more needs to be done.

Adorable african babyWe are reaching out to individuals and influencers to drive social media traffic around this campaign so that we can help the children have a safe learning environment. Children like Mary Goretti, the twelve year old girl, who was the Head Girl of the school when we first visited. On describing the conditions at her school Mary said, “We study under trees and in very bad classrooms, with loose tiles that threaten our

lives. We also lack text books. Thank you for loving us and for coming to help us in our education.”

PTA Chairman, Adupa Martin Outa added, “I would like to mention that the parents of Ngora Okoboi Primary School are ready to offer every possible effort to enable this school go back to its former glory”. After seeing the improvements Shashamane has made over the past two years parent Ogala Aloysius said, “I appreciate very much this support. Indeed I pledge to protect and safe guard the building”.


Shoot a 15-30s video message with some iteration of the blurb below. Feel free to improvise and modify. Be creative! The video can be shot with any digital camera or high resolution camera phone. Shoot video in a head to chest frame. Close-ups and zooming is allowed if you want to get creative. You can send in raw clips or edit using free editing software such as Windows Live Movie Maker, iMovie or YouTube Editor. Editing is not a requirement. Upload the video on YouTube, Vimeo or Google Drive and email the link to By submitting a video for the Shash Back to School Campaign you are assigning Copyright to Shashamane Sunrise Inc, a 501c3 non-profit in the United States.

See examples at:


1. I AM Shashamane Sunrise! I AM a Shashamane Sunrise volunteer. eg. “My name is Leroy Clarke, artist and author. (pause) I AM Shashamane Sunrise. (pause) I AM a Shashamane Sunrise volunteer.” 2. “Greetings, this Junior Kelly and I am supporting Shashamane Sunrise’s mission to create excellent schools in rural and inner city communities in developing countries. Parents, teachers, community leaders, business leaders, help make YOUR school a Shashamane Model School. (pause) Shashamane Sunrise (pause), Excellence Matters! Shashamane Sunrise (pause), A Pencil Can Go A Long Way!”.


Once you have created and uploaded your video post the URL on the ShashUSA timeline and invite your friends and networks to view and like your video. The winner will be the video that has the most views and likes on 28 Sep 2013. Winner will receive a iPhone 4, Shash Tee & Shash Pen plus a signed copy of De distance is here by Author Leroy Clarke.

Happy filming.

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