Media & Modeling for Windsor Forest Primary



by Soyini Phillips, Miss Teen Jamaica 2013

It has always been a passion of mine to engage with my community through social platforms. Shashamane Sunrise is an organization whose mission aligns with my personal belief that we can change lives through empowerment and education.

My first initiative as a volunteer for Shashamane Sunrise involved a visit to the Windsor Forest Primary School, where I had the opportunity to speak to students about media and modeling  and led several hands-on activities. In one session, the girls learned about different modeling techniques and the importance of exuding confidence in all aspects of life, whether you’re striding down the catwalk or sitting down to take an exam. Then, I showed the students how to operate a camera and taught them best practices when acting as a presenter. After we had lunch together, we got creative, making pencil holders and other objects from common materials.


I had an amazing experience interacting with the students at Windsor Forest Primary. The teachers and the volunteers were fun to work with and came in with positivity and energy. Overall, it was a successful venture. I am certainly looking forward to upcoming Shash projects and I hope you will consider helping out, too.

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