Fishing Pond School

Motto: Hard Work Brings Success 

AddressLp# 204 Fishing Pond Road, via Sangre Grande, Trinidad

PrincipalMrs. Rosina Dookoo

Number of Teachers8

Number of Students101 (Co-ed)

Age Range4-13yrs old


Fishing Pond Presbyterian School is situated in a little agricultural and fishing village on the North East coast of Trinidad. It is a rural area and is approximately three miles from the town of Sangre Grande. It is located in the village of Fishing Pond, which is situated between the village of North Oropouche and Caigual and is adjacent to the Fishing Pond Presbyterian Church.

Fishing Pond Presbyterian School was established in 1915 as a small wooden structure on land owned by the Presbyterian Church. It was formerly named the Fishing Pond C.M. School and housed both school and church.

The present school was rebuilt and opened in 1984. The plant consists of four buildings and is situated on two acres of land which it shares with the church.

·      Building (1) houses the Principals’ Office, Music Room, Computer Room and Library.

·      Building (2) consists of five individual classrooms.

·      Building (3) houses two classrooms, a Learning Resource Centre and a Kitchen.

·      Building (4) houses the washrooms for teachers and pupils.

The property is fenced and well cultivated with many fruit bearing and ornamental plants. To the front of the school has a pitched surface hedged in with ornamental plants. The ambience of the school is enhanced by an orchard and school garden on the Eastern side of the property. The students are encouraged to plant crops and take care of livestock primarily because they live in a predominately agricultural area.

The staff is dedicated and committed. They work arduously to achieve the vision, mission and goals of the school. They engage in decision making and take responsibility not only in curriculum implementation but also in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

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