Marion Primary School

Address:  Corail, Grand’Anse, Haiti

Principal: Wadinor Placide

Number of Teachers: 4

Number of Students: over 200 (Co-ed)

Age Range3-20 yrs old


The Marion Primary School is located in Quillon, a small rural hamlet in the Corail district of Grand’Anse department, Haiti. The school has four teachers on staff and educates 200 boys and girls ranging from 3 to 20 years of age.

The children come from farming families who largely subsist on less than a $1/day. The challenges for this school and its students are many: the school has only one wall standing; plastic sheeting provides sparing protection from sun and rain; chalkboards are sorely needed. The staff and children have however dedicated themselves to educational success in spite of the evident challenges. They have creatively worked around the inadequate school infrastructure and Shashamane Sunrise hopes to support this creativity with the material resources they need. The first order of business is the construction of a modest 8 room building. We have begun fundraising and intend to lay a foundation before the next school year.

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