Salybia Government Primary School

Address: Salybia, Trinidad

Principal: Ann Jeanville

Number of Teachers: 6

Number of Students: 56 (co-ed)

Age Range: 5-14yrs old


Salibya Government Primary School is a small co-ed school, located in the sleepy village of Salibya, just off the village of Matura on the north eastern coast of Trinidad. It is found along the winding Toco main road. The village has no cooperate sponsors with the exception of the Salybia nature resort and spa. We have found it very difficult to raise funds. The students usually come from two parent home though there is a significant number of single parent families. Almost all the parents are self employed, URP(Unemployment Relief Program) workers or CPEP(Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program) workers. Approximately 5% are employed at the nearby resort and spa.

Transportation has been a challenge in times past but it is now more manageable with the advent of PTSC buses on the road. The school building was demolished in April 2009 and the present school was relocated to Matura Government Primary School. In 2010 a new pre-fabricated structure was built at the old site.


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