Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School

Address: P. O. BOX 120 – 40603 NGIYA, NYANZA PROVINCE, KENYA

Principal: George Nyakoyo Onyango

Number of Teachers: 14

Number of Students: 224 (coed)

Age Range: 14-23yrs old


Senator Obama School is located in Kogelo, Kenya approximately 100km outside of Kisumu. It was established in the early 1980’s. It started on a shaky ground registering dismal performance; this prompted the management to discontinue learning for some time. In the year 2001 it opened its door to a population of 144 students with the current population of 11 teachers including the head mistress and 6 support staffs. On the primary side they have a population of 600 pupils 11 teachers and 3 support staff.

The school has participated in many recreational and educational activities that includes; drama, music festivals and sports activities. The school is facing a potential growth every year. The school has registered improved performance in national exams since 2001. However, the school is largely affected due to high levels of poverty therefore making many households food insecure throughout the year, malnutrition and child mortality rate have been standing at over 20% with the current increase in child-headed households as a result of HIV/AIDS scourge (at 38% in Siaya District). Worsening the situation further is the high increase of energy cost globally that has pushed the cost of electricity, gas and petrol all time high. The communities’ around Siaya District live under threats of smoky poor cooking environment, and at the verge of extinction to both man made and indigenous forest covers which act as main sources of wood fuel energy.


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