My Summer in Liberia

As I journeyed across the waters to Liberia Monrovia I didn’t know what to expect. All my life I was given so much by my parents. Education, vacations, extracurricular activities etc…There’s so much I took advantage of without knowing that every child is not advantaged as I was. As I stepped off the plane in a private airport the first thing I noticed was children, children of all ages everywhere looking at me for something but what? Here’s where my story begins.

One early Sunday morning I was with a very dear friend named Barkue Tubman. Her father was pretty wealthy, I admired him, every Sunday her father would let the poor, helpless and the unable into his home to eat in his kitchen, living room anywhere you could find a seat. Hundreds of Liberians and their children lined up outside to get warm cooked food. It was there I learned at the age of 12 to humble myself and help the helpless and be good to people especially children for they are our future.

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