National Baptist Basic School’s Principal’s Report 2016/2017

By Mrs Pauline Fay Davis | Principal of NBBS

November 23, 2017


The school year started off well. The time spent on planning and preparation paid off when our doors opened in September. The positive energy that the staff brought was felt in the first few months. I looked forward to working with my colleagues as the school year progressed.

Much energy was devoted to teaching and learning this year. We were also pre-occupied with significant organizational matters such as orientation and registration of new students. September 6, marked the official start of the school year 2016-2017 with Pre K, K1 to K3 in attendance.

Our first Parent Teacher Association meeting which was well attended; and also had the assessment of our students by Mrs. Leslie and her team from the Barita Education Foundation. On September 16, we were visited by Dr. Zazou and the Shashamane Sunrise group who are mentors to our students and who assist us in providing for their educational needs in any way that they are able. Our children look forward to their monthly visits with great enthusiasm.

At almost the end of September, the well needed chairs and grills to house the gas cylinder outside the kitchen were delivered. These were bought from the school’s funds and fundraising efforts. And speaking of fund raising, our first fund raiser was Jeans and Icicle Day held on September 30.

We went on our first educational trip to the Turtle River Falls and Gardens on October 13. Everyone had an exceptional time. Mid-term was October 14-17, assessments and test results followed over the period October 26 to November 3.

In November there was another staff meeting, we had our first fire drill, purchased musical equipment and held our Parent Day function to honor and show appreciation for our parents.

In December, we were paid a visit from the Public Health Inspector and Shashamane Sunrise visited once again. A sand pit was constructed in the play area.

An End-of-term party was held on December 10, soon after the new term was ushered in on January 9, 2017. Repairs were made to the roofs of K3t and K2a. On January 11, the Shashamane Sunrise group visited.


In February, Shashamane donated two computers to the school. Thank you Shashamane group, you are our sunshine! Our first Cartoon Character Costume Party was held on February 24, our children had an enjoyable day. Special thanks to parents and teachers, we couldn’t have done it without you. The following week we had our second fire drill.


School resumed on March 6, with the children having another round of assessments. Ms. Donna Nesbeth, the ECC Inspector, also visited. A teacher training session was held at Caenwood with Miss Lewis attending. Kite flying Day for all students and an awesome Retro Party ended the month of March in fine style.


April saw another fun filled visit from our friends, the Shashamane Sunrise group. The ECC donated Accutek fans to the school. Our much anticipated Spelling Bee Competition was held, all the participants did their best and the winners were rewarded for their efforts. This marked the end of another term.


Easter term began on April 24. Our friends from the Shashamane group came and celebrated Earth Day with the school, imparting valuable information and life skills. Mrs. Turner from ECC visited regarding certification of the school.


In May, Mrs. Kerri-Ann Ennis-Henry and Nurses C. Rodney and C. Rowe from the Victoria Jubilee Hospital volunteered for “Read Across Jamaica” Day. The children enjoyed being read to and the ladies had an equally enjoyable time. May brought showers and school had to be closed on the 16th and 17th due to the inclement weather. Children’s Day was celebrated on May 19th, the children were feted before they went off for Labor Day. Dr. Zazou and friends made another of their monthly visits much to our children’s delight.


The high points of May were the Boy’s and Girl’s Day celebrations which saw the fathers and sons bonding. The parent and child were asked to dress alike for both events which some did and as usual the Shashamane Sunrise group was there to share and inspire too. They are always there when it matters.


Sports Day for lower school (Pre K & K1) was held on June 1 while K2 and K3 had theirs on June 2 and guess who was there? Shashamane Sunrise! They assisted with the scoring and shared their good vibes.


Graduation pictures were taken on June 8th, followed by the third term Spelling Bee Competitions. It was a ding dong battle in some instances, resulting in a tie and the respective champions being crowned. Following close behind this, we had end of year assessments, and a visit from our Zone Development Officer, Mrs. Thomas. Prize giving for lower school was held and the parents came out in their numbers. To top off another fabulous school year, our annual graduation ceremony was held on July 6th with the Graduates Dinner being held on the 7th; special thanks to the members of our dynamic school board.


In closing, on behalf of the school board and members of staff, I would like to express our sincerest thanks to you our parents, our Shashamane family and well-wishers for the support and cooperation. Thank you for making it National Baptist. We look forward to your support in the new school year.


The National Baptist Basic School:

The National Baptist Basic School is an early childhood education institution with approximately 200 students, boys and girls, from age 3 to 6 years-old. Located at 22 1/2 Greenwich St in Trench Town community, the students who attend come from the neighborhood and parents are generally low income or unemployed. The school is led by its Principal, Mrs Pauline Fay Davis.

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