Reaction Times With George Bovell

Our trip over the weekend to visit the Salybia Government Primary School and our orientation and training program were in my opinion, very successful.

As it was my first actual school visit with Shahamane Sunrise there was no similar prior experience for me to compare this to. Our day started of with a quick brainstorming session about how we would go about inspiring, entertaining and providing much needed positive reinforcement for the students. I was elected to run the session on sports and physical education. I was greatly helped by Cairon, whom I must give much credit to for initiating “ice breakers”, small games with the children to loosen them up so to speak. Jonathan was also a great help. For each class of students that came to us we used the following system of three stations, each approximately ten minutes long. I handled running, relays, competitive inspiration and reacting time drills. Every child left my group convinced that they were fast and capable of great sporting feats. Cairon worked, educating and inspiring the kids about cricket with some drills and a short game. Jonathan ran the third station of our rotation which was soccer. He also had a similar set up with drills and brief soccer game as we only had 10 minutes total for each of the three stations in our sport section.



Our main limiting factor for how much positive effects we could impart on the students was the time. Our stations felt rushed, and because of this I imagine that they were at times impersonal. I would have liked to focus more on the less athletic children but because of the time constraints and the more active students demanding our attention this was left to the bare minimum. Next time I will make greater efforts to force them to be involved, for example have them bat first etc.

Our prize giving to me was a fantastic success. We brought great energy, and positive encouragement. I just wish we could have given more prizes, it was very difficult to select just one student per class. In some instances I chose students who definitely were the most athletic but twice I chose to reward some who were lacking in self esteem and in dire need of the encouragement.



The training sessions were extremely didactic and inspirational. This was especially evident when we spoke with Dr McCalpin. I very much enjoyed the way after he spoke to us our team was so inspired that we broke out in a full blown discussion about ways and means to physically manifest the necessary change in our respective countries. Ideas such as discouraging the brain drain, sustainable economic empowerment, and decentralizing our country’s economy is from Port of Spain to stimulate the rural areas were all discussed at length. I must also note that Derek Lewis and Leroy Clarke both left lasting impressions on me. The lectures about non profits that were given were also in my opinion very pertinent.



I very much enjoyed the experience. I believe we came together as a team and this new synergy can, and will led to something special.

George Bovell
T&T Olympic Swimmer

World Record Holder 2004-2005

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