School Report: JRDC, Ethiopia

JRDC School, Shashamane, Ethiopia

Annual Report 2014 – 2015


Program Overview

The school year 2014/15 has been a year of successes. The school administration started off the with vigor and faith. We were able to accomplish the plans within the parameters envisioned.

Education plays a vital role in alleviating poverty, improving social welfare, and increasing the economic status of individuals and families. Therefore, the Ethiopian government’s education policy emphasizes abroad-based education, gender equality, and technology. The JRDC has responded by implementing programs in the curriculum that satisfy these policies at a high standard of delivery.

Our total expenditure for the Fiscal year 2014-2015 was $640,230.06 Ethiopian Birr (ETB). In Addition to the substantial contribution from the Shashamane Settlement Foundation, we collected school fees, JRDC membership dues, and donations from community members to balance the budget. This year, we were able to collect school fees from 98% of the registered students totaling ETB$306,559.50. Our chief donor, the Shashamane Settlement Foundation has played a significant role in the success of JRDC School by contributing over ETB$267,771.61 as of July 2015; however, the Annual Plan anticipated a total of ETB$368,915.64. Total in membership dues collected was ETB$3,100.00, and ETB$41,465.65 in other donations.

Description Amount (ETB) Amount (USD)
Shashamane Settlement Foundation (SSF) $267.8K
Tuition (98% of registered students) $306.6K
Donations from Community $41.5K
JRDC Membership Dues $3.1K
TOTAL $619.9K



In addition to our normal operating expenses, we were able to:

  • Fix the front fence
  • Repair all electrical wiring
  • Purchase textbooks, reference books, a science kit, desks, and shelves

We were also able to implement other minor activities as planned.  SSF has received financial report on a monthly basis, so we have not attached the detailed financial report.


Scholarship Program

The scholarship program was implemented effectively. As per the plan, the money we received for the Karl Hamilton Scholarship Program (12 TTI) $5000 ETB, paid for a selected sponsored student (Daniel Endale).

Cost breakdown of Karl Hamilton Scholarship:

Description Amount (ETB) Amount (USD)
Registration & Tuition $2800
Uniform, shirt, bags, text books, exercise books $1000
Transportation $1200


Daniel’s academic performance report is satisfactory—he ranks 13/60 and promises to work harder to improve his rank in the next academic year.

Other students who received sponsorship by JRDC fall into one of the following categories: orphans, children in large families, ranked highest in their grade the previous year, JRDC community members.  These students are offered different sponsorship percentage.

See breakdown:


# Students %Scholarship Amount (ETB) Amount (USD)
13 100% $11.9K
5 80% $1.4K
2 75% $1.1K
9 60% $5.4K
31 50% $14.7K
12 40% $4.6K
TOTAL $44.1K


Graduation Ceremony Program

The graduation program of 2014/15 was successfully completed. Students from different grades offered live entertainment in drama and other performing arts. Prizes were given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranked students.  Two students, one boy and one girl from Grade 8, were awarded the Karl Hamilton Scholarship to enhance gender equality and two students were awarded ETB$500 each by the JRDC Board for 3rd and 4th place in the same class. Graduation certificates were given to 28 KG3 students and 35 Grade 8 students; certificates of appreciation and small incentives were given to the best performing staff for the year; certificates of appreciation were given to our main donors, Shashamane Settlement, and to Sydney Solomon and Imperial Majestic Band for their great contributions.  Report cards were distributed to all JRDC students, and then a free lunch, sponsored by Sis. Linda Dan, was given to all invited guests, parents, staff, and students. Feedback from different participants indicated that the ceremony was very enjoyable and much improved.


Success Story

JRDC achieved 100% in passing grades for all our 8th grade candidates on the National Exams.  We are very proud of this achievement, which we have consistently maintained for the past 7 years. The highest result is 98.8; 12 students achieved above 90%, 8 students achieved above 80%, 12 students achieved above 70%, 12 students achieved above 60% ,and only one student received a 33% average. These impressive results are due to the good management and the quality education which we offer at JRDC School.

It is evident that JRDC School is playing a great role in alleviating poverty, improving social welfare, and increasing the economic status of individuals and families. This year’s results continue to maintain our good reputation in Shashemene Town, as was expressed by the Education Office and the general community.

Sponsorship for a meal program for the students began in December 2014 and continued through July 2015. After 3 months, there were challenges in sustaining the program for 5 days a week. However we give thanks for the ability to provide meals for the students as often as funding allows. The meal program also makes our school more appealing and will boost registration.  We hope for better sustainability in the coming year.



The Jamaican Rastafarian Development Community School has faced challenges in its failure to implement a number of planned activities due to financial constrains. Our greatest challenge re the unpaid pension payments, outstanding since 2013. It is critical to pay this down in order to get our School Running license for 2015/2016. The estimated outstanding balance owed by the JRDC is over ETB$100,000.00 for 2 years.

May 2016, we will renew our license and, unless we pay the overdue pension payment, they will not renew the certificate. Therefore, we all have to look forward to bringing a change to this issue. Other issues include:

  • Income tax payment is behind by a month.
  • Some parents will not pay their school fee on monthly basis.
  • Sometimes we are late in paying salaries.
  • The sick record of some staff members is creating a burden for others to cover their classes.


Lesson Learned or Best Practice

To make a smooth communication environment at school level, the JRDC management body has assigned two school directors for the first cycle (KG grade 4) and second cycle (5-8). It has been successful and has minimized the work load on one person and close communication was created between teachers and directors. Due to the quality education we are offering, number of the class repetition has been minimized by 99.7%, and the dropout rate has been reduced by 94% from last year. A Chess Club has been established at JRDC School and has enhanced the relationship between JRDCS and government Youth and Sport Office.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation has been conducted in this fiscal year by the government sector office (education and BFEDO). The feedback was not as we expected due to some difficult requirements that they have set (e.g. separating the boys’ and girls’ toilets and no staff member below grade 8 level).

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