School Report: Salybia Gov’t School, Trinidad and Tobago

Report for Salybia Government Primary School, Trinidad & Tobago

Annual Report 2015-2016


Over the past three years, we have seen continued progress at the Salybia Government School towards Model School status. We continue to monitor enrollment rates, retention rates, graduation rates, and participation in extracurricular activities. Currently, approximately 55 students are enrolled at Salybia Gov’t with the majority of students in infant classes (Infant I & Infant II) and an even ratio of boys and girls. There are five (5) children in the graduating class. Average class size for Grades 1 -5 is six (6) students.

Academically, we have seen consistently high performance, especially in terms of National Test scores. 100% of students achieved over 50% passing grades. Salybia Gov’t is one of the top ten (10) schools in the North Eastern Division. Our students have performed well over the past three years in sports, placing first in Netball and also excelling in the recent TSTT games where they ranked third in track and field. One student earned ten (10) medals.

Our target for 2016-17 is to increase the minimum scores of our graduates on the national exam from 50% to 60%. Our students also need assistance in alleviating daily transportation costs, which reduce their attendance rates. On the capital projects side, we would like to improve urgently the drainage problems in the school’s front court, as it poses a safety risk to the students, especially during periods of heavy rainfall. We have had a contractor quote approximately twenty thousand dollars ($20,000 TTD) to fix it. We are also aiming to upgrade the school’s computers, as there are only two (2) computers in working condition, and they are obsolete. Our school curriculum has an ICT component, so student access functional computers will improve their learning experience.

Salybia looks forward to continued work with Shashamane in establishing the school as an academic center of excellence with a focus on science and sports. Our students eagerly anticipate the upcoming Shash Summer Camp in July, as it has been one of the most impactful experiences they’ve had over the years. The camp, along with Shash’s ongoing mentorship programs, expand the students’ horizons and motivates them to strive toward goals they may not otherwise set for themselves.

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