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The Salybia Government Primary School is a small co-ed school, located in the quiet village of Salybia on the North Eastern Coast of Trinidad. Almost all the parents are self-employed or employed through the Community Based Environmental Protection and Enhanced Program (CPEP).Our goal is to establish a Shashamane Model School at Salybia PS which specializes in Science & Sports.

Fishing Pond is a small village along the northeastern coast of Trinidad. The main economic activities in the village are agriculture, fishing, and very recently eco-tourism. However, a large percentage of the adult population is unemployed due to the fact that there are very few commercial enterprises in the region.



What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

One of the key needs of our schools in Trinidad & Tobago is the need for mentorship and to expose the students to different career options. Since 2010, Shashamane has run a very successful 2-3 day Summer Camp involving Sports, the Arts & Science. We have recruited volunteers who are leaders in their various fields of endeavor to assist in designing and delivering engaging and impactful rotating workshops for student groups numbering between 10-20 students.

How will this project solve this problem?

If the educational needs of the students are met, this would put the students in a better position to move on to high school and ultimately college/university. Improvements in the area of science will also help them to assist their families in areas such as farming and environmental protection. Since sports are often seen as avenues for upward mobility in the Caribbean, more students will come to the fore to participate in sporting activities. Sports will also help with the overall physicality.

Potential Long Term Impact

The school is the base of the education process in the small town of Salybia. We truly believe that the entire community will be empowered through improvements made at the Salybia School. Students will also be able to choose from a more diverse pool of career goals if exposed to more arts, scientific and sporting disciplines. In fact in exit interviews students the Carapo Primary School reported that the Shashamane Camp was the most impactful memory from their time in primary school.

Project Message

“These are those who are especially nice, These are those who do favors without thinking twice,These are those who are thoughtful and helpful and kind, And you’ve always been all these nice things.
– Salybia PS Students, Students at school in thank you card

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