Shash Goes to Maxfield Park Children’s Home

By Camelia Gayle | IG: camelia_gayle


Respect and appreciation should be shown to everyone who walks the face of this earth, even to those whom are less fortunate. Oftentimes, people find themselves in dire situations; I’m imploring you to help them, because their misfortune is not always a result of their doings.

On the 25th of March, the Shashamane Sunrise team and the Block B Irvine Hall of UWI Mona went to Maxfield Park Children’s Home (MPCH). There were about 35 volunteers led by Shashamane Sunrise founder—the lion himself—Dr. Rene Zazou Williamson (“Dr. Z”).


The silence was almost deafening upon our arrival to MPCH. We were greeted by the manager, Mr. Bowen, who introduced us to the rest of his team as he headed out to a function. Our group was then divided and sent to several areas in an effort to facilitate activity sessions with the children.

The younger children had a room filled with toys, and our team had the opportunity to play with them. We had a story time session, and our volunteers combed some of the girls’ hair. Some of the older children plays basketball with Mr. Dean Anthony Brown, CEO of A1 Sourcing and Logistics.


The others played football—I must add that Team Shash lost 3-2 to MPCH! Some of the young women participated in a dance session led by Stacy-Ann Nelson (Miss Legacy Jamaica and a miniature fashion show with the volunteers who had modeling experience. During lunch, both the volunteers and the MPCH residents ate happily together.


Finally, Shashamane Sunrise officially presented their donations, including PCs donated by A1 Logistics. Emprezz Goulding received recognition for her outstanding performance and her contributions as a valued Shash member.


Camelia Gayle is first runner-up Miss Universe Jamaica North East 2017, a finalist in the Miss Universe Jamaica 2017 national pageant, and a Shash Volunteer.

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