School Report: Marion School, Haiti



School Interviews with Principal, Grade 6 student and Teacher @ Marion Primary School


Part 1

My name is Waldinor Placide. I am a Director at the Marion Primary School, Corail, Haiti. This school year, we have 125 students, the majority of whom are female. Many of the students do not yet have all the materials they need for the 2015-2016 academic year because of their parents’ financial difficulties. In terms of the passing percentage of our students, we have been promoting students to attend high school for the past 3 years. In the first year 23 students took the National Exams, and 19 passed. In the second, 22 students took the National Exams, and 20 passed. In the third year, 19 of the 19 students who sat for the final exam achieved a passing grade, yielding a pass rate of 100%.

We would like to function better in the 2015-2016 school year for the kids taking high school exams. The physical conditions of our school are not good at all. We would love for the school to be rebuilt to allow the students places to sit, so that when they are at school, they can feel that they are students.

The hole in the roof causes problems for students, as the sun is glaring sunny days, and students get wet when it rains. We would like the students to be able to maintain some semblance of normalcy during the upcoming school year and ensure that their studies are not adversely affected by the weather.

The students do aspire to attend school and to find the financial resources to do so. We would like the renovations to be done quickly in order to advance with the 2015-2016 school year.


Part 2

My name is Davidson Pierre. I am in the 6th grade. I am 19 years old. I love school very, very much, but I am in a situation where my parents don’t have the ability to help financially. I see you here— it’s not the first time I am seeing your team at our school, and I hope that you are able to help us.

I would like to see our school constructed so that we can be in a nice building and feel like normal students. When we sit here, there are people who laugh at us when they pass by. We know we have support. We would like for our school to be a symbol of pride. Today, I see that you’re here and I am so happy. You may only see me sit, but inside my heart I am smiling, because I know the school will be built. I am hopeful that you can make our school something we can be proud of.

I would like to finish school, and then there’s something I would really love to learn: engineering. But I don’t know how this can happen, because things are so difficult. I have no means to help myself arrive there. But I know you can help me.

We are motivated to learn, and we would love to do so in a safe, comfortable environment. We are very happy to have you here even though my expression does not convey this. I am not sure how I will get there, but I am motivated to do so, and with your help, I believe I will. I am inspired by Shashamane’s President visiting us again. It gives me hope that I can fulfill my ambitions. Thank you.


Part 3

My name is Joseph Banal. I am a 6th grade teacher. I’ve been teaching students in this area for the past 4 years and have been a career educator for the past 18. First of all, I myself went to school in this town; I am from the area, and I returned here to teach. When I arrived, people laughed when they saw that I went to a large city school only to return to the village. However, I am motivated to help the kids from my home town who want to learn and change their lives. I work hard, and I am good at what I do.

The state that the school is in is a source of some embarrassment, but as teachers and administrators, we deal with it because we know that our purpose is to benefit the children who learn here. If your house is dirty, it makes no sense to sweep your neighbor’s house—in other words, it is my duty to give back to my community and to ensure that the students here learn and become productive members of the community. I would like for the people who used to laugh and point at the school to say, “Wow, the school is now something to be proud of.” We would also like to see support to supplement teachers’ salaries in order to allow them to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. My hope is that the renovations occur as quickly as possible. That’s what I would like to say, we would be so happy to have the help. Thank you.


Inspirational Message From Shashamane Ambassador Anedie Azael

My name is Anedie Azael. I was Miss Universe Haiti in 2011, and have participated in many different international competitions. I am sending this message to encourage and inspire you because, kids, school and education are very important for us right now. Maybe one day you will be a Miss something or a Mister something. I would like you to continue to keep your head on your shoulders and dream big, because your life is just beginning. Hold onto your dreams and go on with your life. I send you all kisses, and I wish you well.



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