The 2016 Shash Team

On Sat 14th November 2015, elections for the Executive Committee of Shashamane Sunrise were held. The following persons were elected to serve for a 2-year renewable term by unanimous vote. All elected were unopposed.

Dr Rene Williamson, PhD – Chair

Julian Hall – Vice-Chair

Edgar Lewis – Communications

Kenny Green – Finance

Nicola Hussey – Secretary

Ras Markos Rose – Founder, Life Director (Non-Executive)


Bios for the Executive Team and be found here:

Deola Ali remains our Legal Advisor

Julian will replace Dr Weslynne Ashton, Chair ShashUSA who served in that position for the past 3 years. Julian is no stranger to Shash having served as the Chair of ShashUK for the past 4 years, a role he will continue to play. We thank Dr Ashton for her years of service and her financial support over the years. As Shash Alumni she remains part of the Shash Family and we are all connected by the mission of serving our young people giving them access to the tools of education.

Elections for new Advisory Board Members took place on Sat 21st November, 2016 at 10am EST on Skype. The Executive Committee unanimously approved the following appointments:

1. Kim Vandenberg (US Olympic Swimmer) – Shash Ambassador / Program Services – Sports

2. Lauryn Williams (US Olympic Sprinter & Winter Games Athlete) – Shash Ambassador

3. Erik Schuchort (German Literature Professor) – Program Services Committee – Literature

4. Tony Manshino (Musician/Entrepreneur) – Shash Haiti Station Chief


Bios for members of the Advisory Board can be found here:

Gloria Ruto, MBA and George Bovell have both joined the ranks of our Shash Alumnis due to other commitments. We thank them both for their service and we wish George great success in the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

We are previewing our new Shash Logo. Tell us what you think, email:



Shash Haiti Benefit

“A Promise To Keep”

Program:               Shash Haiti  present Wayna feat Leeza Ali and Wesliband

MC: Wendy Fitzwilliam, Miss Universe 1998

Where:                  50 Vanderbilt Avenue (&44th St, 18th Floor), NY, NY (Opposite Grand Central Station)

When:                    Wed 13, Jan 2016               6:30pm – 9pm


Shashamane Jamaica Volunteer Service Days

Jamaica, January 14-24, 2016


Shash Jamaica Benefit

“A Promise To Keep”

Program:               Shash Jamaica  present Wayna feat Iba Mahr

MC: Wendy Fitzwilliam, Miss Universe 1998

Where:                  Pulse, Villa Ronai, Old Stony Hill Road, St. Andrew

When:                   Sun 17, Jan 2016                 Time: 6:30pm – 9pm

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