Wanna see your DNA?

By Kristy Mungal | Biomedical Engineer

August 22, 2017


There is an old saying, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.” Shashamane Sunrise is exceptionally unique in purpose, with the goal of not just feeding the poor but to extricate poverty.

I first began volunteering with Shash during my undergraduate studies after Dr. Rene Williamson, Head of Biomedical Engineering and Executive Chairman of Shashamane, held a massive Shashamane event at our campus. This is where the spark in me was ignited for the vision of this non-profit organization; “bringing access to education to underprivileged kids”.  I oversaw science demonstrations, where all the kids were super impressed by seeing their DNA being extracted from their cheek cells.

More recently, I have been involved in the school visits to the Salybia Government Primary school where I assisted with workshops in Arts and Fashion. The children were thrilled to participate, and to have the opportunity to showcase their talents. However, what I also notice in these kids is the warmth they showed and the connection they had with the volunteers; a true admiration and appreciation for us coming to them in their remote communities just to spend time with them.


One of the biggest highlights for me was getting to meet Mr. Dwayne Bravo, world renowned cricketer; who made a guest appearance on behalf of Shashamane to the Salybia Gov’t Primary’s graduation ceremony this year. He even promised to buy each student of the graduating class a pair of shoes to start their new schools, a gesture that I know these kids sincerely appreciated. He also encouraged them to dream big and not be afraid to work towards their dreams, as he shared his story of humble beginnings and becoming the superstar he is today. Overall Shash continues to inspire me to always be grateful for every accomplishment and be generous in giving back to those in need.

Kristy Mungal is a biomedical engineer and analyst at Broad Haven Associates.

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