Shash Jamaica – Social Entrepreneurship Project: Chicken Farm

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The Windsor Forest Primary school is located on the eastern end of Jamaica. It is a Canadian type building- which includes six classes, a canteen, a staff room, a principal’s office and a small library. The school has a large spacious playfield in front of the building. Windsor Forest is predominantly a poor, rural, farming community with no sustained corporate/financial support. This project will furnish and equip the Reading Resource center to serve the students and the community.



What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Many of the residents of Windsor Forest are not educated; therefore, there is no heavy emphasis on getting their children educated. The school is well in need of resources such as computers, desk, chairs and books. Currently there are about 188 students in six classrooms. This means the classroom are full to capacity and teachers do not have the luxury of paying attention to the learning needs of the individual student.

How will this project solve this problem?

Our goal is to expand the existing Chicken Farm at the school as part of our social entrepreneurship project. The Chicken farm provide chickens for the School Lunch Program and excess chickens can be sold to the community to bring revenue to the school to support its operating budget. This is in line with our ultimate goal of making sure that our intervention in schools is sustainable and leads to continued excellence in our Model School concept.

Potential Long Term Impact

Shashamane Sunrise believes that the quality of life in Windsor Forest can be improved by lifting the standard of education at the school. This will give the students a better foundation from which they can move on to greater things. It will give them more diverse options when choosing a career. They will also be able to lend support to their parents and other members of the community, who did not benefit from a formal education.

Project Message

“I think they are very important and I hope they continue their work.”
– Windsor Forest Student, 10-year old student

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