Windsor Forest Primary Principal’s Report – 2016/2017

by Mrs. Ann Marie Shaw | Principal of Windsor Forest Primary School

November 23, 2017


Eleanor Roosevelt in one of her famous quotes reminds us that “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery, {and} today is a gift. While we do not know what tomorrow holds, we know that today is a gift and we ask that you share with us in the history that Windsor Forest Primary School made during this academic years, 2016-2017.


September 5, 2016, the academic year 2016-2017commenced. We started with 17 new pupils enrolled to Grade one. We enrolled another 5 pupils who were distributed across other grades. For the academic year a total of 143 pupils, 77 boys and 66 girls were enrolled.


With the commencement of the new school year, three new members of staff were added to the family, Mrs. Laura Cunningham-Skyers, Miss Nicola Watson and Mrs. Jillian Gentles-Brown. Staff members were deployed as follows: Miss Taralee Brown – Grade one; Mrs. Cunningham-Skyers – Grade two; Miss Nicola Watson – Grade three; Mrs. Jillian Gentles-Brown- Grade four; Mrs. Maudria Duncan-Parkes – Grade five and Miss Veniece Brown- Grade six.

Calendar of Events

The academic year began with a packed calendar of events to encourage holistic development. We aimed at providing activities that would enhance the academic and extracurricular development of our pupils. We also aimed at engaging the wonderful parents who entrusted their children to our care as well as the community on a whole.

Events to Highlight – Term 1

During the first term, September-December, 2016, pupils were exposed to activities to include, Heritage Week Celebration with displays and concert to mark the event, as well as dining together in December at their Christmas dinner.

Parents’ Month was celebrated in November. We played together, ate together and celebrated together during this month. Parents attended Parent Teachers Meetings (PTA) in their numbers. Guest speakers were also invited to talk with parents on topics of interests. Fathers only afternoon saw fathers, stepfathers and grandfathers come out to represent their children. In addition, outstanding parents from the various grades were identified and awarded certificates for their continued support of their children and the school in general. Congratulations to you parents who are visible in the lives of your children and the support of this educational institution!

Terms 2 & 3

January 9, 2017 the Easter term began. Our quest to continue enriching the lives of our pupils remained in the forefront of our minds. Sporting events, competitions, special days and of course, examinations, were matters to give attention to amidst the regular everyday events of school.

Sports Day and other Sporting Events


Sports Day was held on February 2, 2017 with the three houses competing for the coveted first place position. Zinnia, Hibiscus and Rose engaged in an intense competition, kicking dust all over the place. However, when the dust settled, there was an upset as the house that was always in the front was given a challenge from the dark horse. Final scores saw Rose house taking the coveted position of first place. Special mention must be made of Mrs. Brown-Fearon and the Sports team from the Fair Prospect High School who assisted us in our Sports Day activities.


Athletes were selected from sports day activities to represent the school at District Association Sports Day held at Happy Grove Playfield in Hectors River, February 10, 2017. Our school was placed second in this competition.

Five pupils were selected to participate in the parish competition and from that number, two pupils were selected to represent the parish at the National Stadium. Special recognition must be made of these two students, Kerrisan Lawrence and Genae Berry; we congratulate them!


In my report last year, I stated that the vibrant, energetic footballers were defeated at quarter finals. This time I am happy to report that where the competition is at presently, this football team is looking forward to playing for the prize as they are now at the finals, after defeating Boston Primary and Infant in the semi-finals. Special commendations are in order for Miss Barnes who continues to give unwavering support to the team, and also to Mr. Dwight Campbell who has also given assistance to the team.

Special Days:

Special days held throughout the year include Jamaica Day, February 27, Read Across Jamaica Day, May, 09 and Career Day, May, 11, 2017. These days pupils engaged in various activities to enhance their continued growth and development.

As usual, Career Day was an experience our pupils and teachers will remember for years to come. Parents went all out to make sure their children reflected specific professions while teachers were attired in school uniforms. We had presentations by individuals and groups representing various professions.

Also present at our Career Day was Shashamane Sunrise, a group headed by Dr. Rene Williamson, who has adopted and continues to make significant and meaningful contributions to the activities of the school. One of the highlights of our Career Day was a live interview on Newstalk 94 radio station where three pupils, Javar Christie, Jaheila Anderson and Makeila McKenzie, Dr. Williamson and principal were interviewed. (This interview was organized by the Shashamane Sunrise.)


Shashamane Sunrise

Shashamane Sunrise continued throughout the school year to visit and share with the children at every opportunity they had. Apart from creating workshop experiences with the pupils, they come to us whenever we have our special days. So, they were at Sports, they were at Career Day and our School Leaving Exercise.

Shashamane Sunrise has also donated gifts for our pupils and we applaud their continued service and interest in the life of the school.


Spell Down and Mathematics Competitions were held during February and April, respectively. At the end of the Spell Down competition in the Grades one/two category, Toni-Ann Parkes, Orece Parkes and Nadane Patterson were placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Grades three/four; Celine Dezonie, Kyonie Chin and Genea Berry were placed, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. At Grades five/six; Jahiella Anderson, Makeila McKenzie and Kyiesha King, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Mathematics competition was a first for the school with 4 participants from each class, a total of 24. At the end of the competition, pupils who were awarded 1st place from each grade are Markesman Parkes – Grade 1; Zayendy Dezonie – Grade 2; Genae Berry- Grade 3; Celine Dezonie – Grade 4; Alikah Bryan – Grade 5; Jahiella Anderson-  Grade 6.

Jamaica Library Service Reading Competition

In the Jamaica Library Service Reading Competition, our pupils: Kyiesha King, Jahiella Anderson and Anneisha Burke were place 1st , 2nd and 3rd, respectively, at the Long Bay branch level, defeating all other schools in this area who participated. One pupil, Kyiesha King moved on to the parish level where she competed with others in what was described as “a very competitive match.” Congratulations to Kyiesha King.


Amidst all other activities in the history we have written, examinations are always our main focus, whether they be internal or external.

The Grade 3 Diagnostic Testing was conducted on June 6 and 7 while Grade 4 Literacy and Numeracy were administered June 21 and 22 respectively.


Thirty-three pupils sat the Grade Six Achievement Tests on March 16-17, 2017.  Examination results were released on June, 2017. Eight pupils scored an average between 80-92% while 20 pupils scored an average between 50-79%. Eighty five percent (85%) or a total of 28 pupils out of 33 scored 50% and above.

Pupils were placed at the following high schools: Fair Prospect – 8; Port Antonio – 1; Happy Grove – 11and Titchfield – 12. This reflects the school’s average performance at 66% for this year in the Grade six achievement tests.


So, history has been written for another year, 2016-2017 and as we move on I want to use this opportunity to recognize the contribution of the hard-working academic staff from Grade one through to Grade 6, and all other staff members who contribute to the day to day activities of this institution.


We recognize and appreciate the support of the Board of Management, the Parent Teachers Association, Friends of the school, Shashamane Sunrise and other groups and want to say thank you for your continued support.

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